Haiku Submissions 

School districts/students must be a part of the Greater Dane County Advanced Learners Network to participate in the Haiku contest. Students must be currently in the 4th grade.  A teacher's guide to writing haiku is attached to this site. Teacher encouragement while completing haiku is very helpful.  Entries must be submitted by February 1 and all entries must follow the requirements listed below. A panel of judges will read all entries and determine winners.  Winners are announced in March.  A booklet containing winning Haikus is published and distributed to student winners and participating districts.  Winning authors and the families are invited to attend a celebration in April to honor their work.


 ü  It is helpful, but not required, for submissions to be typed.

 ü  Please have students include a title with each haiku.

 ü  There is a strict limit of 3 entries per student.

 ü  Please put all entries from a student (1, 2, and/or 3) on one sheet of paper.

 ü  Student names, first and last, should appear only on the back of the paper (pencil/pen is fine)

 ü  Each envelope submitted should contain a cover sheet that includes:

o    School/district Name

o    School/district Address

o    Coordinator (person in charge) name, email, phone number


Submission deadline: February 1

 Mail to:

Carole Mason

5454 Gunflint Trail

Madison, WI 53711


Questions?  Contact Carole at, carole@eagleschool.org


Happy Haiku-ing!

Haiku Judging Criteria