The organization holds five meetings throughout the school year typically scheduled for September, November, January, March, and May. 

The membership also holds a breakfast event each February. 

Awards honoring individuals who have contributed to Talented and Gifted education and round table discussions with students occur on alternate years.


SEPTEMBER - At its first meeting for the year the organization welcomes new members, organizes committee work for the year, and provides registration information for student programs.

NOVEMBER - Members continue committee and student program work.  Members receive updated information from WCATY and the UW.

JANUARY - Committee and student program work continues  YAHARA entries are due.

FEBRUARY - In alternating years the organization holds an awards banquet where member districts recognize significant contributions to talented and gifted education in each district and the administrators breakfast where administrators interact with talented and gifted students in a round table discussion.

MARCH - Committee and student program work continues.

MAY - At its final meeting of the year members reflect on work completed, project work for the next year, and elect new officers.