Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) 

Parent Discussion Group

Have you ever wondered about any of the following?

What exactly IS giftedness?

Apparently my child does well on standardized tests.  So why doesn't she get good grades?

My child just can’t seem to make any friends.  All he wants to do is hang around adults!

My child gets so engrossed in a project, he’ll forget to eat!  Is that normal?

Are gifted children more at risk?


These questions and more are addressed in the SENG parent discussion group as we read through the book entitled A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children by James Webb.  SENG Model Parent Groups are structured to bring together 10 to 20 interested parents of gifted and talented children to discuss such topics as motivation, discipline, stress management, and peer relationships~ and much more

Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted organization (SENG) is dedicated to fostering environments in which gifted adults and children, in all their diversity, understand and accept themselves and are understood, valued, nurtured, and supported by their families, schools, workplaces and communities..  Check out the SENG website at:


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